The Butt Series: “Old Man Kitsap” says…

I went for a little run around the “neighborhood”. Since most of you are not familiar with my neighborhood… let me familiarize you with it. We live on a hill. What goes down…. must come up. It’s practically ALL UPHILL. Also, we live outside the city limits – amongst the bunnies, raccoons, blackberry bushes, coyotes […]

Make We Laugh Monday, The Butt Series & Perspective

It’s been awhile since I have posted something in my much-esteemed *deadpanstare* “Butt Series” category… and since I just *returned* from this conference only hours ago… I am hitherhencetofore utterly, completely, delightfully, and hysterically exhausted. On all the earth. All of this leads me to a question that has been sitting heavy on my mind […]

I Am Solid

Or so it’s been said. It all started innocently enough… Or. Well. I just… just… I guess I tend to put myself in situations that…. Erm… Here’s what happened. I was at the gym. Trying to get mah “fit” on. And you know me… I’m a social girl. Did I ever tell you I got […]

The Butt Series – Does this Purse Make My Butt Look Big?

NOPE. And that is why I love her. For when she is on my shoulder, you can’t even see my butt. Look: Let’s do a little comparative… “The Mother Ship” vs. “The Cute, Yet Very Sad Green Purse”:

Mrs. Potato Head Needs to Step Off

So, I went to the BlogHer cocktail party last night. So did Mrs. Potato Head: Talk about “LIVIN’ LARGE”… and I hesitate to write what I am about to write, butt… Uh. Mah. Gah. Her butt is soooo BIG! She was all out on MY the dance floor… Do you see the problem? Lemme spell […]

Make Me Laugh Monday, but on Tuesday

It’s Make Me Laugh Monday, but on Tuesday. This video… pee before watching, or put on a diaper — cuz this is THAT funny.

Did I Tell You I am Training for a Marathon?

I did? I didn’t? Either way, you know now. It’s in May. You also know I am not fully “right” in the head, but this is not new information for you. Why would I consider doing such a thing? Well, I did not come to this on my own. No. I have a friend who, […]

The Confessional – A Row of Cake

I confess. A few weeks ago, I was feeling weak. Very. Very. Weak. I wanted cake. I wanted me some moist yellow cake with yummy chocolate frosting. I tried to be a good girl for the first several days. I tried to make substitutions for this very specific craving… a few chocolate chips… an apple […]

The Butt Series – A Christmas Snack

Oh dear. That title sounds very wrong. Ah. It’s late. No it isn’t. It FEELS late. Also most of my brain cell has been exhausted due to this, that, and a whole lotta whatnot. A day. It’s been a day. So, instead of cleaning up my title so as to keep ya’llseses minds outta the gutter, I’m […]

Back to "normal".

What a relative term… “normal”. My friend Sheila made a comment about a few recent posts that have taken a more serious tone. She has come to depend on my silliness, and she misses it. I really can’t blame her. I kind of miss my silliness too. Also, I have come to depend on Sheila’s readership […]