In Which I Argue: Parents Are Cool

There seems to be this *thing* going around… that parents aren’t cool. I KNOW, RIGHT. If anything was ever preposterous, tis THAT because… parents ARE cool. We just are. And we have been for a very long time. In fact, we have been longer than our spawn has been alive… so might I add… we […]

The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle

Woodland Park Zoo gave me a complimentary visit for four a couple of weeks ago. The last time I visited the zoo I was as a chaperone for a school field trip. I don’t know why I keep leaving our zoo experiences to field trips. The zoo isn’t JUST for school field trips! I mean, field trips […]

3 Tips To Help You Be Prepared for Back-To-School

Back-to-school does not have to equal back-to-chaos. And to some extent the chaos is largely unavoidable. However, there ARE some things we can do to help MANAGE the chaos. Herefollows 3 tips to help you be prepared for back-to-school! Employing these three tips is a lot like being a Boy Scout. Ish. What I am trying to […]

Podcast Interview: Dove Beauty Story with Four Generations

I got to meet a very sweet family of women, recently. I met them because I was invited to speak with them by Dove at the Mom2 Summit in Phoenix, Arizona in early May.   Dove has been working hard to help shift the idea of beauty from the one we think of when we […]

Podcast: My Interview with Molly Ringwald

You read that right… TWO fun things! 1) I GOT TO INTERVIEW MOLLY RINGWALD 2) I think I am now podcasting. I went to the Mom 2 Summit in Phoenix the beginning of May. I was given the opportunity to interview Molly Ringwald (one of the keynote speakers) while there. To be honest, I thought the […]

The Argument In Support Of Keeping Teens Busy. Very Busy.

I have mentioned somewhere before that I used to be critical of parents who keep their teens and kids busy. You know how the judgement goes, “KIDS ARE TOO BUSY THESE DAYS!” And then the dentures come loose and a cane goes flying… I think that might have been a legit argument in earlier decades […]

How To: Edible Peeps Play Dough with Lucy

You guys. This week is practically literally covered with the rainbow-colored fine sugar… the sweetness that coats Peeps. So much, if fact it feels like a Peeps-A-Palooza! My recent adventures in Peeps (as seen here and here) has lead us to our next sugar covered marshmallowy goodness – PEEPS PLAY DOUGH. Lucy and I can […]

Shot@Life – Literally giving a shot at life to children.

I want every child to have a shot at making memories. I want every child to have a shot at not only dreaming about his or her future, but having a future. I want every child to have a shot at goofing off and even goofing up. I want to be part of giving a […]

Parenting, Teens, and The Crisis of Time

I have always been a fairly fast mover. Involved in as many things as a day could hold. And then some. People who walk… um… not fast… drive me bonkers. Even when there is no time constraint there is still much to do, even if means walking to my car so I can just get home […]

Does Parenting Get Easier?

Does parenting get easier? I hear this question get asked all over the place. IRL. Online. While listening in on conversations. Oh come on, YOU DO IT TOO. The question is asked in those exact words, or phrased some other way, but the heart of the question is actually a plea… “PLEASE TELL ME THIS […]