The Clorox Ick Awards… For Those Messy Life Moments

As parents… a.k.a. The Keepers Little Germ Carriers… messes and icky things are a integral part of our life. From carrying baby wipes or hand sanitizer everywhere we go, to stretching the “5 second rule” into a “10 second rule”… our lives are consumed with germ containment. We work hard! But there is no applause […]

Flash Mobs and Moms Dancing and Feeding Children.

It all started one afternoon (yesterday) when I was on leg 3 of 8. Wait. That makes it sound like I have 8 legs. I AM NOT AN ARACHNID. Let me start again… The kids had places to go/be picked up from and I was in the car – on round 3 of 8. That’s […]

Snowbots and Cold and Snow

Snow is cold. I do not like cold. COLD AND SNOW You might think this picture of me shows me almost enjoying the cold… Actually, this is FEAR. Long story short, I do not like cold… therefore SNOW. Cold and snow. I blame my thyroid. And maybe not having proper snow clothes. Because I find […]

A Walk In The Park and Wise Parenting Words

Not too many days ago, Lucy and I went for… a walk in the park. We are not experiencing a polar vortex here. But at 37 degrees, it was a chilly walk. Due to grading days and school work days, Lucy had a few days off. Since Lucy is the youngest we tend to get […]

#DogTales and See What Good Food Can Do with PEDIGREE®

It is entirely likely that you know about our dog Kevin. But did you know we got him from the Humane Society as a vewy sweet wittle puppeh? That cute wittle boy holding Baby Kevin was very excited to bring that pup home. That picture was taken at the shelter. While waiting for all the […]

The Seahawks to the Superbowl: Wilson, Sherman and… Kaepernick?

Who’s going to the Superbowl? THE SEAHAWKS TO THE SUPERBOWL! Don’t stop reading just yet. For my non-football fan readers aaaaaand my non-Seahawks fan readers I have also included links to a couple GREAT recipes (if I do say so myself) and a few words on fashion. Because FOOD AND FASHION. Also, I think football […]

Tooth Fairy Issues and…. Where Do I Surrender My Mom Card?

Those “What to Expect” books are great. They’ve helped guide and prepare parents from the prenatal days through the toddler years. I guess that’s why they never really got to the topic of the TOOTH FAIRY… Because toddlers are still getting their teeth. Not losing them. In general. Before I go much further… know the […]

Out Late On A School Night (a.k.a. The Night We Went to Disney On Ice)

We totally stayed out late on a school night. DISNEY ON ICE, Y’ALL!!! Thank you to Feld Entertainment for providing tickets for my family to attend Disney On Ice Presents Rockin’ Ever After at Comcast Arena in Everett! School nights are usually reserved for homework, football practice, play rehearsals, and reminding the kids to clean […]


“No eating in the living room.” This is not just a rule… it is a life truth. Like sunsets and sunrises. Like Pumpkin Spice lattes in the Fall. There are a few exceptions: popcorn on family movie night and the very occasional dinner in the living room. But let’s be honest, folks. Eating on the […]

Puppies, martinis with bunny ears, the Hard Rock Cafe, and my campers return

It hasn’t even been a week since I returned from Chicago and the BlogHer conference. I still haven’t finished the post I started writing about leaning in with with Sheryl Sandberg. Nor the post I have started about all the friends I saw while in Chicago. Instead, I’ve been trying to keep this girl entertained while […]