How To: Edible Peeps Play Dough with Lucy

You guys. This week is practically literally covered with the rainbow-colored fine sugar… the sweetness that coats Peeps. So much, if fact it feels like a Peeps-A-Palooza! My recent adventures in Peeps (as seen here and here and here) has lead us to our next sugar covered marshmallowy goodness – PEEPS PLAY DOUGH. Lucy and I […]

My Lucy… My Birthday Girl

Happy, HAPPY 11th birthday, my Lucy. Happy birthday! How many times can I tell you I love you? How many times can I tell you I am proud of you? But then, can we ever really tell each other that kind-of stuff enough? So this is my chance to get it down, and get it […]

Our Holiday To-Do List – In Action!

I have seen this edited holiday to-do list floating around the internet. I just love it. I have seen a few different versions, so I customized the list a touch to fit my own family best. I drew it up on the huge chalkboard I hang in my entryway. *This post is sponsored by Straight Talk. All opinions and […]

School Drop Off: A Rant. Or PSA. Or Both. Or Just a Rant.

This could technically be called a PSA on proper school drop off procedure, but then again… it feels a lot like a rant. Probably because I was ranting. I have ranted on this topic before. But I have never emoted as much about this topic on video… My friend Jen, of The Martha Project, wrote in […]

He Named Me Malala

Late last week I had the opportunity to see a moving movie that will be coming to theaters this October. He Named Me Malala It’s a movie based on the book written by Malala Yousafzai. Malala was shot in the face by the Taliban when she was 15 (she is now 18). She was shot […]

Annie at the Paramount in Seattle!

We are a theatre family. Somewhere along the way my kids got involved in a local children’s theatre group. My children have played villains and bugs and animals and various storybook characters ranging in roles from chorus to leads. So, the idea of heading to a play is exciting for us for at least two reasons… […]

The TRUTH About Back-To-School

So. I guess most kids are back to school. Except for Seattle schools, but they’ll get back soon. I’m sure. Not that my life revolves around back to school, BUT IT DOES. I mean, I have 3 kids. What’s funny about back-to-school is… many parents get so excited (myself included) about it. I mean, it’s […]

In Which I Argue: Parents Are Cool

There seems to be this *thing* going around… that parents aren’t cool. I KNOW, RIGHT. If anything was ever preposterous, tis THAT because… parents ARE cool. We just are. And we have been for a very long time. In fact, we have been longer than our spawn has been alive… so might I add… we […]

The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle

Woodland Park Zoo gave me a complimentary visit for four a couple of weeks ago. The last time I visited the zoo I was as a chaperone for a school field trip. I don’t know why I keep leaving our zoo experiences to field trips. The zoo isn’t JUST for school field trips! I mean, field trips […]

3 Tips To Help You Be Prepared for Back-To-School

Back-to-school does not have to equal back-to-chaos. And to some extent the chaos is largely unavoidable. However, there ARE some things we can do to help MANAGE the chaos. Herefollows 3 tips to help you be prepared for back-to-school! Employing these three tips is a lot like being a Boy Scout. Ish. What I am trying to […]