The Bun and Thigh Doer: You can’t make this stuff up.

Ladies and gentlemen… I have no words. You just can’t make this stuff up. And also, I need to hang out at the Goodwill more often. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! You can also rock your buns and thighs with the bun and thigh ROCKER by Body by Jake, people. People. A little story behind these […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: Meeting Goals and VIPeeps!

Yep. SUCCESS! Totally basking in all kinds of glory over here. *eyes cross* This totally confirms why I am such a fan of setting a very low bar… I have never been good at high jumping. And also paying off debt. I could explain why this alert from Mint is not ver accurate, but yadda, yadda […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: Word. To your muthah.

I know. Mother’s Day was yesterday. But just because the day is through, that doesn’t mean I am through. Not. At. All. Lucy gave me the card she made at school and it was SO cute I HAD to share it. In the spirit of full disclosure: she wrote very nice things and I want […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: Influencer

I have long-wanted to be considered an “influencer”… In the world of blogging and social media, the word “influencer” is thrown around quite a bit. When someone calls someone an “influencer” I get all life-listy, and think, “Oooh. I should put ‘become and INFLUENCER’ on my list!” Well, one could say, had I a life […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: In Which I Google "Hot Firemen"

So, I had this *thing* I was preparing for. And me… wanting to be one who is prepared… I had to hit the Google and Flickr searches for images. I searched for things like, “hot basketball cheerleaders” and “hot firemen” and also “stripper pole”. Let me tell ya people, I have one understanding husband, AND […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: Sure, I can laugh NOW.

So. I think I start lots of posts with SO. I digress… Lucy got sick Saturday. I was going to write that she fell ill in the “late afternoon”, but hindsight is 20/20… and it was actually early afternoon she started exhibiting “sick-like” symptoms. Yadda, yadda, yadda… Fast food for dinner. Lucy ate 1/2 a […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: Lucy Draws and One Easy Piece

OK, friends. THIS makes ME laugh. i o lucy lol Lucy is an emergent speller. She has no idea what she wrote (other than her name), but she writes… hoping to someday spell something other than her name. “Is that a word, Mom? Is THAT a word…” I LOVE watching this process. Besides, she wrote […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: Maybe It'll Be Funny in Hindsight

It’s been a bit, well… busy lately. My house is… well… feels less like a house and more like a garbage dump, but with more dog hair. *eyes go wild* So, my husband, saw me in my glory distress (read: he may or may not have called home to speak to a weepy, sobby, hiccupy-crying […]

The Junk Drawer Haul

I have noticed that “the haul” is quite popular over there on the YouTube. And me, never being one to pass-up a chance to make a fool of myself also be popular, I have made a haul video of my own. The only diff’ between me and those other girls is I could be their […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: The Reporter

I wasn’t planning on posting a MMLM post… simply because I already posted today. And I have laundry to do. Coffee to consume. I’m supposed to WORKING. Sheesh. But sometimes. I came across this video today. I laughed SO hard. And I just have to share it. Have to. I love to laugh, and I […]