Writing and Not Publishing

I spent 1.5 hours on the plane yesterday writing about busy-ness. This morning, as I went to proof-read and add a photo or two and add links and make sure the Yoast SEO dot was on green… I just just couldn’t wrap it up. I have handful of posts that are still sitting in draft […]

We Saw No Vampires While Camping in Forks. But LOTS of Rain.

My family loves to camp. But it takes great effort. You know… pulling out the camping gear and whathaveyou. The act of camping, or leading up to the act takes some planning. And time. Hitherhencetofore, we don’t camp as often as we’d like. But we really do like it. That’s why I was all, “GUYS. […]

D-Day… June 6, 1944

70 years. It’s been 70 years. 29 years before I was even born… D-Day. My experience with D-Day has been through what I’ve read in books or have seen in documentaries… or classes, or news stories. Sometimes the stories grip me in a very real, deep, and sorrowful way. But most times the stories are […]

I Have Another Obsession: 2048

I do. Ish. I mean… it’s not REALLY an obsession. It’s more of something that distracts me from to-do lists. And whathaveyou. Of course they say that admitting something is the first step in overcoming something and maybe I am not quite ready to overcome. Before I tell you what I may or may not […]

Obsession Confession: Plaid Bermuda Shorts

As I was going through my summer clothes I noticed something… LOTS OF PLAID BERMUDA SHORTS. Which got me to thinking…perhaps I’m obsessed? Which gave me flashbacks of times in the stores where I ooh-and-aah over all the cute plaid bermuda shorts I see. And then I walk away because deep down I know… I […]

Snapshots. Like, literally.

You guys. I know I’ve been all, “OH WRITER’S BLOCK!” before. But it is what it is. Hitherhencetofore… SNAPSHOTS. And also when life gets crazy it gets CRAZY and sometimes all I can do to remember the day before is to scroll through my photos on my phone to see what happened. Usually it’s pictures […]

May, You Are Drunk

Dear May, You are drunk. Sincerely, Me I have all kinds of thoughts running through my head so I cannot guarantee any respectful level of coherency. There’s that one saying about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb… Instead I would like to say that MAY is coming in like […]

In Which I Test the TrueContact Tire by Continental

I was contacted by Continental Tire awhile back. At first email glance, I was all, “Tires? I like SHOES!” But on second thought… I probably spend as much time in a car that wears tires as I do wearing shoes. And what’s more, we have had a bad string of luck with tires and I […]

What do you get when you’ve been blogging for an entire decade?

Do you know? What DO you get when you’ve been blogging for an entire decade? A 10 year old blog? 10 years of selfies? Maybe you get sideways looks from people wondering why you are not a rich and famous blogger (I mean, TEN YEARS!) and surely they are thinking you have been doing it […]

An Essay on April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day – yes, the apostrophe comes after the S. I googled it. But does it go there when you jump from behind a corner with a knife and yell, APRIL FOOLS!!! ? Does it? Do you participate in the April Fools’ Day tomfoolery? I have. In the past. Kinda. But imma tell ya… […]