What do you get when you’ve been blogging for an entire decade?

Do you know? What DO you get when you’ve been blogging for an entire decade? A 10 year old blog? 10 years of selfies? Maybe you get sideways looks from people wondering why you are not a rich and famous blogger (I mean, TEN YEARS!) and surely they are thinking you have been doing it […]

An Essay on April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day – yes, the apostrophe comes after the S. I googled it. But does it go there when you jump from behind a corner with a knife and yell, APRIL FOOLS!!! ? Does it? Do you participate in the April Fools’ Day tomfoolery? I have. In the past. Kinda. But imma tell ya… […]

TMI = Too Much Information in 50 Questions

I was recently tagged by my girl Kathy of MamaKatTV over there on the YouTube to join in on this 5o questions TMI thing that has been making its rounds over there on YouTube. You have to watch hers, she’s funny: view Kathy’s video here. When I realized she tagged me I was all, “Whoa. […]

The Plan, Big Cookies, Turkish Rolled Pastry, Lacrosse, and Whathaveyou

I really don’t want to write about writer’s block. Because… LAME. So how about a video of a bulldog puppy who loves to roll down hills? That’s what I love about the internet… just when you think you have nothing to say you find a video of a puppy that loves to roll down hills. […]

Life, Paprika, the Ice Wizard, Wine, and Other Things That Are So Fascinating

Sometimes. Wait. ALL the times when I can’t come up with words, I turn to pictures. They say a picture is a thousand words, so… This is Gus. You should know him by now. I think he wants me to take him for a walk. Or snuggle him. He’s rather co-dependent that way… I had […]

Online Finds: Cute Things for Your Home

The title really says it all, Online Finds: Cute Things for Your Home In other words… I love finding cute things that add charm to our home. I actually don’t purchase items very often – part due to the monies and part due to I also do not like a whole lot of clutter. How-to-the-ever… […]

Guest Junk Drawer Haul: Please Welcome ANDREA!

Not too long ago I cleaned out my junk drawer and made a video of said junk drawer haul. By the way, my junk drawer is slowly returning to it’s junky state. But my junk gets boring, and my friend Andrea had a great idea – to make guest junk drawer haul videos. And since […]

The GUILT To-Do List

I just invented something. The GUILT To-Do List Now before you go judging me… Oh I don’t even care – judge away. I just need to make a point…. Guilt can be bad, but it can also be good. False guilt is not good – like feeling guilty that someone’s feelings got hurt because they […]

Typical Pacific Northwesterner is Typical #GoHawks

What? Just because the Superbowl is over, it doesn’t mean I can talk about it anymore. Also: Typical Pacific Northwesterner is Typical: And what is Super Bowl Sunday without COFFEE? #GoHawks And BEAST MODE and whathaveyou. And you gotta love an overpriced ice cream cake. I mean, nothing says Pacific Northwest and football like an […]

Just Gonna Share Some Fun Internet Stuff To Enjoy Over Le Weekend…

You know how it is…. you go online and find something. Then something else. Sometimes it’s via Facebook. Or a newsletter. Or some random rabbit hole. INTERNET STUFF. Here are some of my “rabbit hole” … (or is it “rabbit trail”?) finds from lately. • I love dance and this kid? BAM. Jungle – Platoon […]