What I’ve Learned This Summer

I haven’t written for the sake of writing in a while. But I have spent some time in a hammock. You know what I’ve learned this summer? I have learned that no matter how intent you are… no matter how MUCH you know how to NOT flip over in a hammock… flipping over in a […]

How I Broke My Pinky Toe. Edited: Three Times

So, I made a video of me telling the story of how I broke my pinky toe. And then. Lucy hurt her knee and had been hobbling around on crutches and one week after – what I will now refer to as – My First Break Lucy hobbled by me and re-injured my broken toe […]

Two Podcasts

I really tried to come up with a better title. But. Podcasts. They are all the rage right now. PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME. I love me a good Podcast. I love This American Life, and the Ted Radio Hour, and The Accidental Creative, and The Moth, and Criminal, and Stuff to Blow Your Mind, […]

Things I’m Really Into Right Now – Episode 7 – Feat. Fringe

No, I am not talking about a surrey with a fringe on the top. (Thank you high school voice ensemble for the wide musical experience, including but not limited to a Rodgers and Hammerstein mash-up that I can probably STILL sing all the alto parts to rather flawlessly but I digress…) I am talking about […]

Finding Joy… In the Mess.

Is it possible? Finding the joy in the mess. I mean, really. IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE? I actually believe it is. It is a battle of the mind to get there. No, a TRAINING of the mind. Speaking of the mind… Disney•Pixar’s original new film “Inside Out” is in theaters now. It’s a movie about 11 year […]

Things I’m Really Into Right Now – Episode 4

I keep making these videos. It means one of two things: 1) I am into WAY too many things, or… Um. Aaanywho. These are some fun things I am into right now. My consumerism may or may not be showing. I like doing these videos because: #1 – They’re super easy to put together for […]

Mother’s Day Printable. And Then Some. I LOVE PRINTABLES!

I’m toying with an idea… Making/creating/designing printables. Downloads. Sharables. I don’t know. But I DO know… I like printables. I like prints. I like typography. And simple graphics. I like to hang them on my walls… I like to frame them.  (Please excuse the pear border. Meh.)  I’ve downloaded from websites. I’ve ordered on Etsy […]

Free Association and Rocks Box Unboxing

I think my least favorite part of writing is coming up with a title. It was hard enough pre-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (which is long-wordy for: a title strategy so search engines will help people find you) (which kind-of feels like extreme evangelism) (if you have ever had to work on SEO that will totally […]

What To Do In Washington DC (if you only have 2 hours)

I’m not claiming I am an expert on the touristing of Washington DC, but herefollows my post: What To Do In Washington DC (if you only have 2 hours) I’m just saying I had 2 hours to tour Washington DC and if you ever find you have just a smidge of time in the our […]

She’s Ten. Ten Years Old.

We laid in my bed to read the other night. When I closed the book and suggested we move on to the next task she said, “Can we snuggle for a little bit first? Dear Lucy, My unexpected blessing. You’re ten. TEN!!! It seems like two blinks of the eye ago you were so widdle… […]