I’m not saying one should lie about one’s age, but maybe I am.

I’m not saying one should lie about one’s age, but maybe I am. Yeah. I am. But I am not encouraging one to lie about one’s age in the way we have traditionally lied about our age. I am talking about those of us who are over the age of 21. Just to be clear. […]

Packing Tips for the Poor Decider

a.k.a How Jenny Packs In my OLD way of packing for trips, I would decide on entire outfits… then pack the pants, shirts, undies, glitter, etc… And then I’d get to wherever it was I was going and forget…¬†What pants with what shirt? What? Who? How? Huh??? I know it shouldn’t be so difficult, but […]

Simple. Sweet. Happy.

Olivia’s birthday was yesterday. For years, and for every birthday, we hang up a “Happy Birthday” sign. Just some sign I got at some party store years ago. But it’s become old. Tired. And it’s a dumb-looking sign. Lame. Yet festive. When I was growing up, every birthday morning I’d wake up to a sign […]

Household Challenge: Managing Time

EEK. Time management? To loosely apply something that Mr. Furious from Mystery Men said, when opening-up a topic such as time management it can be a “…Pantera’s box you do not wanna open.” But you know what, we don’t really have a choice, now do we? Who reading here right now has enough time? *crickets […]

Another PSA and Peeve: Blogs with Auto Play Music – NO!

I’m not necessarily a grouch… and I hate to stack to peeve-based vlogs atop each other but I feel I am helping make the world a better place. ******** Keep up on the ridiculous, the insightful, the always digressive… Get Jenny On The Spot by RSS or EMAIL or newsletter! Follow JOTS on Twitter, join […]

Lent, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras and the Inquisition

I decided to give up giving up. What? Aaanywho. I took the kids to the grocery store with me because I love taking my kids into public spaces. Let’s face it, I am a self-punisher. It builds character, and MAN, have I earned my fair share of character in these 10+ years of mothering. Fortunately, […]

In Which I Save Your 2010: I Did A Cleanse So You Don't Have To

JD, may I use that phrase? I know you own the whole, “I *insert action here* so you don’t have to” concept. And it’s true! She does it ALL so we don’t have to. She’s a giver like that. She even ate sardines! I would NEVER do that for you… but mostly because my tummy […]

Personal Thoughts on Using Facebook & Twitter

But first, a video: Crazy, ehh? This is a different world for us. For our children. How do we navigate this new social world? I recently went on a bit of a social media fast. I am still processing what changed for me. Some quick thoughts: I feel like I lost ground… in the social […]

I used the "word" MODERATIVE on a radio interview…

…ucuz I’m classy like that. Before I expound on my my wordage skillzesses… perhaps I will start from the beginning. OR… as a word creator such as my self might say… the beginnitives. *dramatic pause* My friend Carrie of the highly acclaimed Stop Screaming I’m Driving! put a little call-out on her Facebook for FB […]

How People Find Me. Poor People.

This is yet another post about the search phrases that introduce the unsuspecting to my little spot here on the interwebz. It seems the most popular traffic-driving search phrase was “Julia Roberts“. Yes, my celebrity twin… In past search keyphrase posts I list a bevy of phrases. I am going to be more picky here. […]