Yet another dream come true…

Not only am I the internet, but… I can check another item off my bucket/life list: √ Be one of the celebrity names drawn and acted out in a game of celebrity charades! DONE. I was talking to Stacey today. An aside: She is breaking the hearts of people for miles around because she and […]

There really is a creative (mad?) genius inside.

I will often tell people I am not creative. I am a WAY better copy cat. *meow* I would say I am far more CAPABLE than CREATIVE. And I am O.K. with that. I can do just about anything… I just need someone to tell what it is I will be doing. EXCEPT FOR YESTERDAY Y’ALLS! My kids […]

So Much, So Much

to tout, to share to blather on and on and on about… I thought I’d do a round-up of sorts… from my brushes with fame (not brushes OF fame, that would be weird), to $100 Visa gift cards, to possibly winning a scrapbook… There are things. A good number of things to share. Did you […]

A Life List On Account of Aging and Whathaveyou.

So. I have this friend… Laurie (a.k.a. Tip Junkie), and we were chatting on the tele the other day. Laurie and I have shared some really good times.. And add Mom Spark into the mix… Whoa Nellie!!! [picture credit: Amy/Mom Spark] Aaanywho… Laurie and I were talking about intentions (we talked about that Amy too!) […]

A Post About Cooking or Nate Berkus?

I was going to start a little weekly series today — something like “Foodie Friday” in an effort to… to… Oh, I don’t know. I am just thinking it’s time to write more about cooking. Food. Recipes. And whathaveyou. Honestly, I was inspired to do more with food and cooking by this event. But then […]

Narcissism On The Spot

Somebody stop me. Somebody stop me. Stop. Me. Somebody. *crickets chriping* Either nobody hears me (because nobody likes me everybody hates me I guess I’ll eat some worms), OR there is silence from the online masses because they are sitting on their hands… waiting to witness… and are afraid to peep and miss the profundity […]

Narcissistic Much?

I have no idea what he is talking about. My husband, that is. There I was, working on a video of my self-portraits from 2009. And suddenly I was transported to the part of the movie in Julie and Julia where Julie and her own husband butted heads about her… her… clearly her very important […]

Santa Baby and My Christmas List

I re-wrote the lyrics to the classic Santa Baby as performed by Eartha Kitt. And then, one evening, I finally found my “quiet place”… a busy Walmart parking lot in a remote part of Utah. Vernal. Vernal, Utah. And IN THAT PARKING LOT — I recorded me singing my new rendition of Santa Baby. Desperate […]

Just Goofin’-off On A Coffee Date With My Daughter

My 7 year old daughter is a creative-type. She often asks to use my phone to take pictures. Or my Flip to take video. One day, Olivia wanted to take pictures of me. I was all, “Becuase you think I’m beautiful?” She was all, “Noooooo!” And I was all, “Eh?” And she was all… Aaaaanywho… […]

Super Star!!!

Clearly, this is for Me and J-Bling. Clearly. Thos sign-mkaer-people are friggin’ geniusses. Geniuiii. Smarty Smartersons. *Hey! Don’t miss out – I am giving away an fully intact package of Candy Cane Oreos, but you have to leave a comment on this post *New at My First Fail — Does This Watermelon Make My Butt […]